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Benton Harbor, on to Victory
Smash right through that line
For we are here to win this contest

Fighting all the time.
Hold high our shield of Orange and Black
We see our banners proudly waving
Fight! Fight! until the last
We're with you, BHHS

We sing of Orange and Black
The colors of our Colfax School.
We sing of Tigers that Fight
So that our colors bright
Shall rule.

We sing of hopes ever high,
Until we know that we have won,
And then we still sing to you.
Oh, Benton Harbor, carry on!

School Hymn

Of all the days we think of most
The days of Harbor High we toast,
And raise our voice in joyous song

To Praise the school we've loved so long
O, for thy life and love we pray
And sing thy glory on this day,
And May thy happiness live long
Oh, Harbor High, this is our song.


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